….And This Is What Some Happy Parents Say….

“Esther’s knowledge and birthing wisdom helped us have an awesome drug free birth…twice! Thank you!” Linda Turner, Westport

 “Esther, thanks so much for your wonderful reflexology. It made my pregnancy so much easier and  really prepared me for birth.   I can’t believe how quick and smooth it went. Thanks again! Bernie Roche, Castlebar

 Esther’s excellent work with me during and after  my third pregnancy transformed my experience of childbirth. It empowered me and built my confidence and awareness in a really supportive and safe way. Catherine McCarthy, Ballintubber

We went to Esther to help us have a fuller experience of the birth of our Baby. We were not new to parent hood having had our other 3 Girls the conventional way in hospital. Our experience was completely changed as Esther guided us to a greater understanding and greater control of the whole amazing experience. The hospital were delighted as we took control and knew what we wanted from the fun and joyous birth of our son…..I would recommend anyone and everyone to attend one of Esters birthing courses. It will educated you and eradicate the myths of the birth of your bundle of joy. Regards, Declan Halligan

 I had such an amazing, empowering and enjoyable birthing of both my children thanks to Esther’s wonderful teaching of relaxation, meditation, visualisation, breathing, and many other techniques and tools. Thanks to her support and expertise I was totally prepared for giving birth and I recommend her to every pregnant woman I meet. Tanya 

What is great about the Birth Education Course I did with Esther is, that the skills I learnt benefited me not only during the birth process but still work in my everyday life. My daughter who was born through that process had a calm birth and has retained that sense of calm since, she is now five. Very Grateful Parents _

Forget the new baby clothes, the nursery furniture and matching bedding – if you are pregnant and reading this the best gift you could give to yourself and your baby – is time with Esther Moser. 4 years on and my girl is still as calm and contented as the day she came into this world. I truly believe that our babies feel what we feel going through pregnancy, they feel the emotions we do, they hear what we hear… unfortunately my pregnancy was far from perfect and my baby was going through all the grief and emotional stress I was. I knew I needed help and I am grateful I found Esther. Originally I wanted the Birth Education workshop but as the ‘birth’ got closer I asked Esther to be my doula, when she said yes I felt immediate relief. Her support was invaluable, she helped me to find that space within me that felt calm, centred and safe. I enjoyed my labour, when things didn’t progress to plan and an emergency c-section was needed, Esther worked some of her EFT magic on us – I remained calm, my baby remained calm…. so much so that the surgeon remarked it was the calmest c-section they had performed in the hospital. Although I didn’t manage to have the natural hypnobirth I had hoped for – I did have the birth I wanted – gentle, kind, peaceful and safe. Helen and Indiya, Geesela, Co.Mayo xx

Excited beyond belief at the realisation of being pregnant for the first time, but somewhere back in my mind shadowing that immense joy and excitement was a haunting fear of childbirth. Over the next 7 months, through the Birth Education course, reflexology and lots of ‘chats’ in your wonderful studio, you introduced me to a ‘new me’!, learning that hypnotherapy is not a ridiculous staging nonsense but a powerful and wonderful natural tool, that breathing is a life technique not a gasping for air in labour!, how an introduction to ‘tapping’ brought me face to face with my real fears and how to deal with them and finally put them to rest, how to travel in a matter of seconds to beautiful sandy beaches floating peacefully on an ebbing tide whilst soaking up the rays with just the swaying of palm trees and the gentle lapping of the waves on the shoreline to break the silence!, but most of all was the most powerful and exhilarating experience of my life – the arrival of our baby (s). Each in turn was a gentle, beautiful, mind blowing experience, and we are blessed with two amazing, happy and very healthy little girls. Please, please keep up the great work, and help more mothers-to-be whether it’s their first or 10th baby to learn that pregnancy and birth are equally amazing and immensely enjoyable journeys. Nikki