Preparing For Your Best Possible Birth

Are you the kind of person

  • who would feel intimidated in a group of expectant couples to ask important questions about your pregnancy or your role as a birthing companion?
  • You don’t like sitting in a group with strangers exploring your birth options, sharing intimate details or listening to those of others?
  • You are the one who would like to have a slower pace than having crammed a lot of necessary information into your head during a weekend or even a day?
  • Or you may feel ashamed, guilty or afraid about a traumatic life event and know that this will stand in the way to your best birth experience, but you can not imagine to share it beyond the safe space of a one-to-one setting?

The Bold Birthing Course Is Made For You!

Why not treat yourself to the luxury of a personalised course?

Because it is no luxury. It is  the best thing you can do to prepare for your best possible birth. Only you and your chosen birth companion will join me for 3 sessions either

  • At the Fuchsia Cottage in Ballinrobe, Co.Mayo or
  • Via Skype

To feel safe and confident for such a major event as giving birth to your  baby you’ll need

  • a well-developed process such as ‘Bold Birthing’ put into place, spread over  the various stages of your pregnancy
  • with available support to answer your questions and meet your concerns whenever you need it.

I will be with you all the way, adding in my 35 years of professional maternity experience! 

So, what will you get when you do the Bold Birthing Course?

  • 3 individual 3-hour modules of powerful, up-to-date content 
  • Delivered as 1-2-1 sessions in Ballinrobe’s Fuchsia Cottage or by Skype
  • Easy-to-followup worksheets and pdf with all course content – no notes required!
  • Email support from the time you sign up until two weeks after the baby is born.
  •  A FREE Welcome-Baby- session within the first 3 month after birth
  • A feeling of being well prepared for the big day, for both mother-to-be and birthing companion!
  • And the best of all: It is affordable. Only eu 350 for all of it!

Enough – you already know it’s for you?

The best time to start preparing for Your Best Possible Birth is now….
Get your FREE 15min call now!


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The Tool Box for Your Best Birth

You wouldn’t try to build a house with just a hammer and a saw.

Over the years of my professional life I have seen many women arriving in the birthing room equipped with little more than some breathing techniques and a pretty uncomfortable looking husband. Witnessing many stories of traumatic birth outcomes, I believe many of them would have been preventable or possibly less severe if both mother and birthing companion had been better informed about how to meet the powerful concoction of fear, overwhelm and powerlessness that easily can occur during birth.

No doubt, giving birth to your baby can push you to the edges of your comfort zone or even beyond. You need to be mentally and physically fit enough to move through such challenges with ease and grace. That’s why for Bold Birthing we have chosen only the best, most effective and powerful ones techniques. Whenever possible those techniques are backed up by science, or are long-term evidence-based, proven to be powerful enough to fit those criteria:

  • They need to be effective and fast-working
  • They have to be easy to learn
  • They have proven successful for thousands of people

I started teaching my first birth education classes in 2007. Many tools I had been taught did not fit those criteria and were replaced with better, faster ones. My ongoing professional education and curiosity for new science will guarantee you always have the newest and best possible techniques for a positive and calm birth, with tools for a lifetime and wonderful memories to remember.


What Is In The Tool Box?

The Bold Birthing course curriculum will provide you with all the resources you need to make informed decisions and feel empowered to take charge of your baby’s birth. You will not doze through boring lectures but enjoy an educational, interactive and fun time.

Core Content

  • Understand what is happening during labour and birth in body, mind and emotions
  • What nature intended and how we can disturb the flow – hormones, fear and happiness
  • Use your brain for a calm and confident birth: apply modern neuroscience for birth
  • EFT Tapping, the magic bullet to remove worries, negative memories and other obstacles
  • Get your birth plan ready so the hospital staff will read it
  • The ultimate birth companion training for optimal support
  • Breathing techniques for a relaxed pregnancy, focused labour and an un-pushing birth
  • Meditations for emotional calm, endurance and for the time, when you wait for your baby
  • Medical interventions during labour – when the Big Plan is different from yours
  • Discussions focused on your and your baby’s needs
  • The importance of bonding and what you can do to optimize it
  • The first three days after the baby is born
  • You can call or email anytime until two weeks after the baby is born!


  • Introduction to Breastfeeding
  • Extended EFT Tapping for past trauma
  • Introduction to Baby Care
  • Easy Yoga for Partners

Ready to go?

The best time to start preparing for Your Best Possible Birth is now….
Get your FREE 15min call now!

When Is The Best Time To Start The Course?

Anytime is the best time! I have worked with couples from week 14 on, the modules nicely spread out all over the time of the pregnancy; Some couples heard about the course in the last few weeks before due date – and we fitted it all in without any stress. A few came from far away and stayed in one of the local B&Bs, we adjusted the timetable to morning and evening sessions, spiced with a blend of walks in the beautiful country side, personalised pregnancy yoga, massage & reflexology – the perfect pregnancy retreat… Contact me for details if this is your idea of an ideal Bold Birthing Course!