Having a well informed, confident and calm birth companion at her side during labour can make a huge difference for a woman.  She will feel more secure in the company of someone she trusts and so can relax even better – the key ingredient to a positive, good birth!

Welcome to this page and thank you for making the effort of being an excellent birth companion. If you are a dad-to-be, you are one of the new dedicated men, who decided to support the pregnant woman of their heart in the best possible way, witness the birth of your baby undisturbed by negative feelings and enjoy fatherhood in its fullness. Those sessions are also an option for all the other possible birth companions, like sisters, partners, mothers, neighbours, to become more confident and calm in those precious hours of important support. You have best intentions, but….

  • You don’t feel confident enough to be a great birth companion
  • You feel overwhelmed by future responsibilities
  • You know there is room for improvement
  • You are under pressure and need to talk to somebody
  • You experience a flood of negative childhood memories
  • You witnessed a traumatic birth before and worry for this one
  • You have ‘issues in the tissues’ about fatherhood

What Now?

Birth Companion’s Specials  are 60-minute one-to-one sessions, either in person or via Skype.

  • After you’ve booked your session, a short questionnaire will be emailed to you
  • this will give me a good understanding of what you’ll need 
  • Once filled out, you’ll email the questionnaire back to me
  • If not already done so, we’ll arrange a time for our session and meet either in Ballinrobe or via Skype
  • How many times will we meet? Your choice!